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Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Hydraulic Shearing Machine

Shree Pareva Provides the sheet metal manufacturers with high quality machines. A machine which has been continuously updated to meet today's requirement.
The stable robust, all welded steel frame is of top quality. The hydraulic & electrical system having international quality components assembled in our factory ensures reliability and provide excellent base for further automation.
Electro-Hydraulic overload protection and safely feature makes machine safer.
Both variable & fixed rake angle model makes it better quality cutting with economic.
Stroke adjustment for faster operation while smaller cutting length
Roller guide made of hardened & ground En31 to provide better quality of cutting for longer time.
Standard Accessories
Main Drive motor
Electric Control Panel
Operational Console
Pre selector switch to adjust angle
Lever operated blade clearance with calibration
Fine stroke adjustment rod with limit switch
Front sheet support
Squaring arm on right end with steel rule
Hardened transfer bar mounted on table
Hold down cylinders
Shadow light Indicator

Four edge HCHCR/HCSR blade interchangeable & Suitable to Shear mild and St. Steel

Optional Features
Motorised back guage with DRO
NC backguage with ball screw
Second squaring arm on left side
Front support with roller according to required length
Front support with swing-away stopper
Real sheet support
Ball transfer table
Degree Protector for angular cutting
Stroke counter
Design with throat depth
First fill of hydraulic oil


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