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Plate Bending Machine

Plate Bending Machine

Easy to maintain and useful for various jobs.
Modern design and rigid structure.
So simple mechanism that even semi-skilled worker can do accurate job.
Very useful for getting Cylindrical shapes and better performance. It works with 3 Rolls Pyramid principals. Bottom rolls are fixed and driven by Gears and warm Reduction Gear. box top roll rotates in fixed position and can be adjusted up & down manully by adjustable screws.
Housing are made from M.S. Plate of suitable strength and mounted on heavy base frame rolls are made from forged steel and perfectly machined for accurate result. For correct feeding and firm grip axial grooves are provided on bottom rolls. Screw jack is given to keep top roll horizontal when formed shall is to take out.
For longer life and smooth working of machine gun metal bushes are provided and given sufficiant lubrication system indicators are given at both the ends for correct top roll pressure.


Model Capacity Thick X Width (in mm) Diameters (in mm) Main Drive Motor H.P. Model Capacity Thick X Width (in mm) Diameters (in mm) Main Drive Motor H.P.
Top Roll Bottom Roll Top Roll Bottom Roll
PPB 6:12 6 x 1250 135 110 3 PPB 16:12 16 x 1250 205 165 10
PPB 6:15 6 x 1500 160 135 5 PPB 16:15 16 x 1500 220 170 10
PPB 6:20 6 x 2000 170 140 7.5 PPB 16:20 16 x 2000 230 180 10
PPB 10:12 10 x 1250 160 135 5 PPB 20:12 20 x 1250 220 170 10
PPB 10:15 10 x 1500 170 140 7.5 PPB 20:15 20 x 1500 240 190 12.5
PPB 10:20 10 x 2000 185 155 10 PPB 20:20 20 x 2000 260 220 15
PPB 12:12 12 x 1250 185 140 7.5 PPB 25:12 25 x 1250 260 220 15
PPB 12:15 12 x 1500 185 155 10 PPB 25:15 25 x 1500 275 230 20
PPB 12:20 12 x 2000 215 170 10 PPB 25:20 25 x 2000 290 250 20
Overall dimensions are in M.M. and approximate may be change without prior notice.
Steps of Bending Operations
The Plate can be bent on machine by hammering as shown if the thickness of the plate is half than rated capacity. Thicker plates should be prebent out side the machine.
Place the Plate between bottom and top rolls by adjusting top roll manually.
Down the top roll and give pressure on the plate. Then start main motor in clock wise direction till one end of the plate comes over first bottom roll reverse the motors and get second end on second bottom.
Continue above process untill you et desired shall as shown in picture.
Silent Features of our 3 rolls pyramid type plate bending machine.
Rates are included with electrical.
Our Machines are fitted with Electric Breake Motor / Motor with Electro-magnetic Brake and Movable operating switch board, so that machine can be stopped at any stage of operation, bence the shape of rolling as per requirement is most possible and due to the movable control panel you can operate machine very easily.
Movable operating switch board and Electric control panel is provided for easy & safe operation.
Our Machines are fitted with double Gear box, one is warm gear box and another is spur reduction gear box, due to this the fatigue in operation and overload on electric motor & warm reduction gear box is totally avoided even when machine is working in over capacity and more over bending operation became more easy.
Whole machine is made out of quality prime material.
Plate feeding & unloading / removal of complete shell is very easy as the opening & closing of Hinges type end-dropper is provided. (The same can be motorized on extra cost & request).
Apart from above the rates are more competitive in its range.
We hope our above said information will be in line of your requirement, incase you require any further information from our side please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thanking you and hope to get your valued order very soon.
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